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As a retail commercial business, you’ll need to show off your products with high end product photography. These days good images are essential for editorial, and online retail sites. Top quality product photography will highlight the features of your product so that consumers can make the right choice with your product.

Whether it is crisp packshots or lifestyle product sets, Studio323 can help bring your products to life and help you create the perfect imagery that is right for your brand.


Product Photography with Models

product photography baby carrier mom dad

Our experience working with models makes us the right choice for showing off your products. We work with several agencies to find you models with just the right look for your product. Our team covers everything from makeup to styling, so you’ve no need to worry about getting just the right image for you.

Our studio facilities allow room for a makeup artist, stylist and changing room for models, and plenty of room for your creative production team. We can tailor our working process to suit your creative team, facilitating image retouching, digital transfers, and image consultation if needed.

Quick turnaround of hi res images to get your product images web ready or for publication.


Packshot Product Photography

packshot product photography ecommerce

Having professional images of your product line is crucial to increasing sales. If you need clear crisp images of your product for ecommerce, web, or publication, then Studio323 is the right place for you. We’ll work with you to produce quality images of your products, that will help showcase them to their best.

We even invite you to send along one of your products for a free test shoot to show you what we can do, before you commit. We are flexible in our work, so if you want to attend the shoot of your product we are happy with that. If you prefer to have them sent and¬† just leave it to us, that’s fine too. Either way, we are happy to work with you to get the best images possible. We’ve worked with several top designers and retailers like Fiona Howard, Palmeira and Wilson, Lipsy, and WeMadeMe, to help them to boost sales.

Give us a call or click on the button below to get in touch and discuss your next product shoot.


Lifestyle Photography

lifestyle product photography woman man playing cello
We’ve been shooting lifestyle photography for over 20 years. Our work aims to capture situations, and real-life events in an artistic manner in order to promote your services. Our lifestyle photography always tells a story with a creative vision to help promote your unique message and to inspire.

 Working from your brief, we will get an understanding of the message you are aiming to convey, and then use our creative input to deliver a wide selection of images that tell a particular story.We understand that imagery alone can tell a unique story, and we will work with you to both create that story, and tell it with professional imagery.Have a browse through our gallery, and get in touch with us today to discuss your lifestyle photographic needs.
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