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COVID-19 - Studio323 Home // COVID-19 - Studio323


Covid 19 and Your Photoshoot

Arrival: Please only set out for your photoshoot if you haven’t any Covid 19 or cold like symptoms, or feeling unwell.  Please do not attend the studio if you have travelled out of the country within the last ten days, and are in a travel quarantine period.  Upon arrival at the studio you will be invited to use hand-sanitizer.
PPE: For obvious reasons, face-masks will not be worn during photoshoots. Until we all receive different advice, face-masks are not mandatory however, if you wish to wear one, you are welcome to.
Props: We invite you to bring your own props and clothing for the photoshoot.  Sanitising spray will be freely available to clean any props needed.
Hygene/Air Flow: The studio will be deep cleaned every night and all touch points and props cleaned after each session. Windows will be kept open to allow for airflow.
Social Distancing: While at Studio323, please be mindful of the importance of maintaining social distance.
Groups: Due to the limited space in the studio, Photoshoots will be limited to a maximum of six people until lockdown measures are further eased to allow for more people to gather comfortably. ordertramadol