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Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

Normally when I am editing through a portrait shoot, I always edit out shots of the sitter with their eyes blinking closed. Of course I do, who wants to see someone with their eyes wide shut?

Actually, it’s kind of interesting to see.

Blinking is an automated response. Not that exciting on the surface. It happens so quickly and so often, that we tend to forget that we are doing it. But what happens in that split second? Where does our consciousness go during that moment?

When a flash is bright and startles the eye enough that it shuts for a moment is self defense, what is the message that is going to the brain? I would be interested to know more about it,  so I’ve put together this small selection of photos of people with their eyes closed. It places an interesting context onto the subject of blinking, and creates a story about where we go in our awareness during that instant moment that we are trying to protect our eyes.

A recent photo project I carried out in my studio allowed me several portraits in short succession, and from these I have made a small collection of people simply blinking.

Going into a place that is safe, peaceful, quiet, disarming, and silent.

Even if just for a split second.DSC5506-1





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