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How iPhone Has Changed our Memories

How iPhone Has Changed our Memories

Contrary to popular belief, I think our memories are improving with age.

Here’s why.

Having come to photography in the 80’s with my first Kodak 110 camera, I have always taken photos as a form of physical memory. I take photos in order that I can remember things I have seen and places I have been. Pretty simple. When I was able to afford my first SLR camera, it was an Olympus OM 10. I loved it. I photographed everything and anything, and as a result I can now look at old negatives and remember exactly what I was doing and where I was going at the age of 17. Something about making an image, and then looking at it again and again to imprint the image into our memories, is really something special. Over the years cameras have become smaller, and more readily available, that pretty much anyone with a phone, now has a camera. My first camera phone was a Sony Ericsson. It was not very good with low light situations, but it had so many qualities that my OM 10 never had. Ericsson was instant, it cost-less per photo, and most of all it fit in my pocket.

Then came iPhone. It changed my relationship to photography, and how I see the world. Or at least how I remember it. My memory has improved. I can take a photo, and within the metadata, I remember exactly where, and when the photo was taken. Facial recognition reminds me who is in the photo. If it is a gloomy day,  Snapseed can help me make it a more dramatic one. And I can instantly crop out the bits I don’t want to remember. I can even share my memories instantly with everyone around the globe.  So long as I have electricity, I will retain my memory.

So yes, with age so improves our memories. With iPhone, memories have become more accurate, clear, and concise.

Just look how much my memory has improved from 2004 to 2016 by remembering Brighton’s West Pier. Can you remember the days before the front section was removed?

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