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Workshop – Confidence for the Camera

Workshop – Confidence for the Camera

develop your own personal style and persona in front of the camera

▪ Do you need a great photo?
▪ Is choosing outfits a pain not a pleasure?
▪ Do you feel uncomfortable when someone takes a photo of you?
▪ Would you like to know which styles suit you and which don’t?

A photo is a timeless memory of who you are, a permanent record, a moment or memory captured. It’s also an opportunity for you to record the best of yourself. Great photos (more often than not) don’t just happen, they are prepared for. Styling, make up, poses and angles are all thought out.

This workshop – Confidence for the Camera will:
* help you to build your confidence for any photographic situation
* include a personal styling session
* finish with a professional photo shoot

You will learn:
* Poses that work best for your body.
* How to show emotion on camera.
* Styling guidelines for your bodyshape.
* How to choose colours that flatter you.
* Styles that express who you are.

We will have a makeup artist with us at the workshop, so no need to worry about hair and makeup. We’ll provide guidance on what to bring, and have a selection of clothes and accessories in the studio.

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